About Us

Kashyap Geotech

Kashyap Geotech is an association of Software Professionals, specializing in the provision of software & spatial data. It is one of the leading providers of Geospatial Services, established as a full service Geographic Information System (GIS) company. We have provided our services to local Government Organizations and private sector clients. Our deep understanding of geospatial technologies and our proven business skills will help you achieve your vision of turning datasets with a geographic component into actionable intelligence.

The name of company Kashyap Geotech arose because it represented by group of persons have equal cooperation and commitments towards reaching the goals in software & spatial technologies environment. This group has a common focus on utilizing technologies to meet their responsibilities, time lines, budget and quality targets.

Our Focus Industry

Kashyap Geotech expertise in database design and application development is the foundation of our information systems consultation and technical services. We specialize in designing, developing GIS solutions for our clients that maximize information resources across the organization.

Location Based Services are core focus activity for Kashyap Geotech, our experience in Geographic Information System is far-reaching. Our focuses exclusively on long term business, researching, understanding inside and out the challenges in GIS industry and delivering output with actionable insights and seamless, consistent results.

Our Team

Our mission at Kashyap Geotech is to be responsive to all our clients GIS needs. In order to offer you the best solutions available, we constantly study and test the latest technology. The members of our team through experience have developed exceptional skills in handling projects of various scales. In this way, Kashyap Geotech is able to deliver timely, high quality, innovative GIS-based solutions.